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Data Visualization / Infographic 最新数据图作品

Charting Two Centuries of Carbon Dioxide Emissions:
The United States overtook the United Kingdom as the world's top CO2 emitter in 1888, China overtook the U.S. in 2005. Then China's emissions start to shoot up all the way...
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Visualizing the Drastic Change in Shanghai Landscape:
To anyone who has been to the Bund and has seen the dramatically altered vista over the other side of the Huangpu River, the change is nothing but breathtaking. Here this pair of photos captures a 20-year period of Pudong's change.
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Video 最新影片
Michael's Reel 2015: a collection of video excerpts from projects in recent years 云峰作品精选2015


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Presentation 幻灯演示
A Keynote presentational sample

Family 家庭影片
Yunfeng 30s v. Yoyo 3+ 云峰30多v.悠悠3岁多
Yunfeng photographed by David Barreda @ Asia Society
Yoyo photographed by Yunfeng @ Lincoln Center

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